February Flick Back


London Fashion week has hit the capital filling the streets with fresh ideas.

Being in a new place around the globe on your travels makes fashion an unnecessary extra.

Backpacking does not leave room for colour tones that match in a perfect fashion.

Ironic as being somewhere new is the best boost to inspiring new ideas.


When you are on the move, think outside the shoe box.

Look for ideas to make your outfit unique as you are.

Embellish, repurpose and decorate.

Dig into a craft shop or quirky hardware store for ideas.

I found chic plastic sandals for three euros in a Palermo convenience store.

The taught me the best value is to be BOLD!


Follow signs to super shops to stock up on style that will truly be your own.

If you can work your way through the junk there is gold in the thrift store.

Things transform when nothing is thrown away.

Go through your stored away clothes and chose items that shape up..

..or tell them to ship out.

More tips on shaping up and shipping out here

Find more space in your closet today to see the value of your haul with this easy guide here.


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