March Rear View


Any age is 20 I thought when I saw this sign twisted by the games of late night party goers coming home for the holiday weekend.

This week it was Twitter’s 10th birthday.

Social media still feels new to me with something to learn every day.

It is a target that moves and doesn’t grow old.

It’s awesome to connect with strangers knowing we are all humming on the same level.

I don’t feel bad that I am not asked out to play by the late night party goers that steal some of the calm from this village.

Every age is the new 20.

It’s just a number and every number is fun and to be celebrated.

I feel this when I see the new arrivals wearing old jogging pants to the local supermarket.

Watching shoppers juggle with their lives and loose fitting clothes gives me my style tips.

  • Don’t let your age dictate what you wear.
  • The clue to complete freedom is to be comfortable.
  • I go home and let go of clothes that do not fit so everything flows together.

Let’s do these 3 steps together and get a new party started.



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