Anne Green’s lemonbalm



I awoke choking.  the noose had been firm around my neck.  when I dropped they felt that there was glimmer of life in me.  they put me next to a dead body and a man lay next to me all night.  It seemed certain they thought they could bring me back.  A sprig of lemon balm was growing through the wall in the crypt.  the castle they hung me at is near the river and the boggy marsh is everywhere so anything grows like wild fire.  the lemon grass is not considered a weed it is a life saver.  it is the plant we trade on for better or worse it gives this castle a small income.  i coughed and jerked like a mad dog through the night.  I do not know if I died but i saw white light.  when I awoke there was a fuss that the lemon balm had brought me through.  I know the truth.  the noose was not tied enough to break my neck.  the hang man had not weighed me up properly there were not enough sand bags.  they only suffocated me that day at the gallows. but my passing from consciousness was real to me and to them and to all purposes the lemon balm brought me back. I will let that stay as theire reality.  even though I know the truth.


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